Social Responsibility

Functioning in a society with aggravated social and political circumstances, the success of Dukagjini corporate necessarily served as infusion in developing and establishing of social welfare.

The support of the corporation has made it friendly to the people in need, and supportive of positive initiatives and champion of driving the welfare and economic development.

The corporation on countless occasions has been a very important partner to countless projects. The areas were: education, culture, health, humanitarian projects, sport…

By investing in the community, we build trust and a sense of belonging to Kosovo, creating a sense to the community that we are sponsoring and supporting safely numerous activities.

We will stop at a particular segment where the investment was productive, efficient, contributing and extremely useful.

Basketball club “Dukagjini”, which functions within the Corporation “Dukagjini”, during a long period of time was a symbol of the preservation of the ancient tradition of sport, not only in the city of Peja.

In this hardworking sport collective have contributed many outstanding basketball personalities, while the colors of the club have been defended by famous basketball players who had career in the NBA.

Find below a short list of contributions:

  1. Scholarships to AUK students
  2. Scholarships to Dukagjini College students
  3. General Sponsor of BC Dukagjini – in Peja
  4. Initiator and sponsor of humanitarian kitchen “Orphans of the Balkans”
  5. Initiator and sponsor of the Balley School of children in Peja
  6. Corporation has supported the martyrs’ children with gifts and financial support for the holidays
  7. Dukagjini RTV for so many years has sponsored medially local NGOs in the promotion of projects with focus on social welfare
  8. The corporation has financially assisted “The Center of independet life” where the children with Down Syndrome are treated, the “Women’s Wellness Center” that housed victims of domestic violence, preschools in the city and children of elementary cycle of the elementary school “League of Prizren” in Peja
  9. Corporation has supported all humanitarian initiatives of the “Rotary club” at the regional level.
  10. The Corporation has supported financially the construction of the mosque of Shushica village in Istog.
  11. The company has financially supported the Slovenian KFOR reconstruction infrastructure project at the primary school in Zahaq.
  12. Independent Union of Dukagjini College Students traditionally helps families in need with different goods in the vigil of many holidays.


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Nr. 2, 30000, Peja
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6, 10000, Pristina
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