The company “Tobakos” Sh.p.k. is another segment of the Dukagjini Group, licensed by the Ministry of Finance, and the Republic of Kosovo Customs for import and export of tobacco products.

The particularity of this segment is the exclusive import of the TDR Rovinj (Croatia) tobacco factory products, and and the network distribution makes it even more particular. The focus of the “Tobakos” network distribution is to cover 100% of the Kosovo market by its active distribution manners, built on professionalism with many branches in Kosovo (Peja, Prishtina, Prizren, etc.), while the main headquarter is located in Peja with 3000m2 space.


The large number of qualified and trained distributors with many years of experience and all kinds of vehicle transportation/logistics: pick-ups, vans, trucks , enables each branch in the respective region to be visited with a big dedication, thus meeting the requirements and needs of customers in wholesale market and retail market as well.

All of this commitment reflects a bilateral triumph of DISTRIBUTION-CUSTOMER for which we are the first in the Republic of Kosovo.

Rr. Ismail Qemali
Nr. 2, 30000, Peja
039 433 093, 039 432 025

Rr. Hajdar Dushi Nr.
6, 10000, Pristina
038 244 031, 038 244 032