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The Television

The particular and live reporting as well as impartiality and professional approach in doing television program, make the Dukagjini TV to be the most alternative television in the country, offering infinite space for Kosovo citizens, interests, problems and their orientation.

All this is done without any political, religious or ideological hue.

With the new programming scheme and national approach, Dukagjini TV has managed to become a trustful information channel, in a record time.

Besides the reliability, thanks to the enthusiastic staff and the latest technology, there was cultivated the speed of reporting in order to make it the television with the most live broadcasts of each and every news in Kosovo.

Dukagjini, besides that it is live, also it offers different comments, opinions and analysis by a record number of opinionists in Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and all of the Balkan region.

Being the only television network in Kosovo and having two studios in different cities, Pristina and Peja, Dukagjini has a broad network of correspondents from the major cities of Kosovo, the capitals of the region and the prominent west countries, allowing every news to be fast and reliable.

The program of Dukagjini TV is based on the latest TV models cultivated in the United States and other developed countries, thus restoring the program on a direct interest of the viewers, in order to position itself at the cutting edge and at the report that television already has after the new online media.

Thus, besides the information and entertainment, Dukagjini TV aims to perform direct service to the civic, enriching and ennobling the initial mission that television has as a media.

The Radio

We say it before the others listen to it. We started seriously, but not being aware that this success would be achieved. Nearly 15 years later, we realize how important, how substantial and how successful was our investment.

Today, when we summarize the work of Dukagjini Radio, pleasantfully state that we succeeded. Dukagjini has the radio frequencies at: 99.7, 94.5, 104.7, 92.7, 105.1, it is in satellite program and it has the website

Our radio devises and broadcasts from two studios, in Pristina and Peja. This brings freshness to the whole program while maintaining the compactness of the Radio.

We managed to be part of every home, every family, every institution, and most importantly, we managed to be part of Kosovo. A successful part of Kosovo, part of the initiatives of that time, who opposed all the problems that accompany a collective, resulted successfully.

Maybe it was an enthusiastic beginning, but as with every initiative of Dukagjini, it succeeded. It started in Peja with a small staff. It got expanded in Prishtina, also with a small staff. We were a local radio, quickly we became a national one. Not only that. Today it is listened all around the world, thanks to the rapid development of technology and not only technology. Thanks to the work of dozens of employees in Dukagjini Radio.

And often we have been asked what is the formula for success?

First: an excellent combination of the experience of the elders and the enthusiasm of the youth. Second: the program – for everyone there is something. Third: impartiality and objectivity. And finally, though not less important: closeness to our listeners, continuous contacts with them. There was generous admittion of any critical evaluation, suggestion or proposal of their own.

And just like this we will continue in the future. Moreover, now we have an obligation.

You have believed. You have set us upon. We owe you and we are grateful. You, our honorable listeners.

Rr. Ismail Qemali
Nr. 2, 30000, Peja
039 433 093, 039 432 025

Rr. Hajdar Dushi Nr.
6, 10000, Pristina
038 244 031, 038 244 032