European College Dukagjini


Beginning by the assessment that education is power, the European College “DUKAGJINI” pays special attention to the application of highest standards in this area.

The European College “Dukagjini” remains true to the goal of preparing students to as European level in the field of management sciences, computer sciences, economic sciences, banking and finance, business management, justice and political sciences with journalism. The organization, content and operation are relied on the best European and world experience, in direct cooperation with the local, regional and European economy, to meet the demands and needs of the immediate and long-term market economy in applied informatics, management, economics, accounting, banking and finance, insurance, business, justice and administration.

Curricula and the learning programs create wide opportunities to each and every student, according to the objectives or preferences, to get specialized in a quality manner in one of the programs offered. While maintaining the philosophy and the basic objectives of the superior education in Europe, the program of the European College “DUKAGJINI” is built on the basis of combination of fundamental theoretical contemporary knowledge and the most prominent practical experiences, with the ultimate aim of preparing the qualitative students in accordance with the labor market requirements and trends in Kosovo, region and wider in Europe.

The representatives of the sectors of finance, economy and the business in general, are involved and consulted at all stages and at the most important moments of the preparation of the curriculum graduation courses in the European College “DUKAGJINI” in order to ensure a complete compliance with standards and requirements of the labor market. The teaching focuses on the best contemporary knowledge and on the relevant economic, financial and managerial diciplines, based at the experience of some of the best international universities, at programs with modern textbooks easily accessible and quality methods of teaching that make the student part of an active learning process.

The College is fully organized in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna Declaration, according to the 3 + 2 + 3 system (or at law and justice department 4 + 1 + 3). It starts with the first cycle courses of 3 years, and it ends with a diploma of first-cycle Bachelor BA, and then there are organized courses of the second cycle of 2 years, and it ends with graduation in second cycle – as Scientific Master.


  1. Program: Bachelor in Management and Informatics
  1. Program: Bachelor in Economics-Banking, Finance and Accounting
  1. Program: Bachelor IN Computer Sciences – Applied IT
  1. Program: Bachelor in Juridicial sciences

European College “DUKAGJINI” has also accredited the MASTER degree level

IN MANAGEMENT, with specialization opportunities in:

  1. Management of small and medium enterprises
  1. Management of Information Systems
  1. Management in Accounting, Banking and Finance
  1. Leadership and Entrepreneurship

European College “DUKAGJINI” is the only one in Kosovo which has signed a cooperation agreement with AUK in Kosovo and aims to be an important link to the development of the process of academic higher education in Kosovo, the region and beyond.

Dukagjini European College – Centre of excellence in higher education

Rr. Ismail Qemali
Nr. 2, 30000, Peja
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Rr. Hajdar Dushi Nr.
6, 10000, Pristina
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