Dukagjini SHPK


An old machine “TIPO” type marked the beginnings of our success.

A small printing house, with 2-3 employees paved the way of our business. It has started in 1987 to become synonymous with modern business, an example of the dynamism and efficiency of development. It did not take long to cross over the borders of Kosovo, being evaluated during this journey with the highest prices in well-known instances of European and world business.

The “TIPO” machine in the late last century was the technology that covered the requirements of the time then. But, by the time they grew up, imposing the need for modernization and advancement of technology and the expansion of human capabilities. Planeta equipment offset and those of Heidelberg types, with complete machinery sets for bookbinding, sewing, strong book cover binds and others, became part of the process to enhance the quality, walking by with time.

Today the printing House DUKAGJINI is synonymous with quality, carrying out the numerous awards, among them the first class standard the highest for services, not only in Kosovo, but also beyond.

Apart from the latest technology in the printing industry, here we should also mention the staff with a high organizational culture, professional knowledge and positive ambition to achieve the highest level of product quality and services.

Going through with the rapid developments of Kosovo, since the early 90s, the printing house became an integral part of them, leaving marks on the major events of our recent history, new state building and political identity of Kosovo. Thus, after the historical act of adoption of the Constitutional Declaration, through pressing machines passed along books, indexes, seals and identification materials for intellectuals, students, pupils, citizens of the Republic of Kosovo of the 90’s and later. In support of the efforts for the aimed future at the most difficult period, printing house “Dukagjini” brought together within its ranks a group of creators and intellectuals of the time and founded the publishing house, which for a short time became the leader in publishing activity, not only in Kosovo, but also beyond.

In step with the demands of a new era in the printing industry market began investing in the replacement of manual machines with digital ones that leads to the advancement of technology, reducing costs for the producer and the consumer. All in accordance with the main goal: customer satisfaction, service quality and timely distribution.

The end of the millennium and the transition to the XXI century in this enterpreneurship already proven, raised the aspirations of the management team to increase the capacity and speed of service. Print runs of books with over 10,000 copies, with high quality, now they are delivered within 48 hours, which marks a record in this industry in Kosovo.

Rr. Ismail Qemali
Nr. 2, 30000, Peja
039 433 093, 039 432 025

Rr. Hajdar Dushi Nr.
6, 10000, Pristina
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