Dukagjini Construction


Dukagjini Construction

The market requirements, primarly in terms of quality, innovation but also efficiency, impose professionalism and high ethics in costumer service. All of the submitted demands of rapid development on planning, monitoring, consulting and engineering can be found in “Dukagjini Construction”.

The history of the company:

It was founded in 2003 and the work has begun with the first realization of a residential complex called “Sahatkulla” in Peja. The success of this project and the costumer satisfaction urged more investment on the growth of fund residential of “Dukagjini” company. So far, about 600 families have been accomodated who enjoy the comfort and maintenance services in buildings made by us.

Company specialization:

The company “Dukagjini-Engineering” is specialized in planning, development and maintenance of the residential fund. Design, construction and sale of residential and business areas. Also it is specialized in planning, monitoring and managing of the investments.


Creating the fund through residential capacities, which provides an opportunity getting independence each and every new family, as a means of more efficient use of the territory and urban services.


Domination in the residential market in Peja until 2015.


Dukagjini Construction has managed to achieve precisely these residential construction projects:

  1. Residential and business complex “Sahatkulla” – during 2003-2005, 3 buildings, 64 apartments
  1. Residential complex “Puhovci 1” – 2005-2007, 78 apartments
  1. Residential complex “Puhovci2”, 2006-2008, 76 apartments
  1. Residential complex “Buquku1”, 2007-2009, 38 apartments
  1. Residential complex Jarina 2008 – 2010, 3 buildings, 185 apartments
  1. Phase I of “Puhovci” residential complex, 3 buildings, 144 apartments
  1. “Dukagjini” hotel – 2009-2011,
  1. Hotel serving object “Bahçe”, 2010-2011
  1. Social residential object in Pejë, Klinë dhe Istog
  1. Phase II of “Puhovci 3” residential complex , 2 buildings, 96 apartments
  1. Phase III of “Puhovci 3” residential complex, 3 buildings, 136 apartments and capacitative business space.
  1. Residential complex “Buquku 2”, 15 apartments.
  1. Residential and business complex “Qendra”, 39 apartments.

Rr. Ismail Qemali
Nr. 2, 30000, Peja
039 433 093, 039 432 025

Rr. Hajdar Dushi Nr.
6, 10000, Pristina
038 244 031, 038 244 032